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18th & 19th Century

The Glen Lednock Census (1841)

The first census taken in 1841 gives a good indication that the Glen was indeed a lively place although there is no indication mentioned in it that there was, before the census was taken, a tiny clachan at Keplandie which lay at the head of the Glen and just to the north-west of the present loch or Daden which lay close to Invergeldie on the west side. Listed are the following communities:


(Men, women, children)

Bowalker 15 Agricultural Labourers

Glenmaik 4 Agricultural Labourers

Invergeldie 24 Female and Male servants

Wrights and Wool Carver

Kingarth 8 Farmer

Tynashei 6 Farmer

Female Servant

Tynachroi 8 Female Servant

Glaslarich 6 Farmer

Balindalloch 12 Farmer

Female and Male Servants

Balnacoul 17 Farmers

Coischbain 2 Cotton Handloom Weavers

Cushevachan 9 Agricultural Labourers

Fintallich 7 Agricultural Labourers

Female Servant

In the Parish of Monzievaird but in Glen Lednock

Lurg 4 Shepherd

Male Servant

Carraglen 3 Farmer

Female and Male Servants

Balmuick 5 Shepherd

Female Servant

Lechkin 25 Mason

Ground Officer

Female and Male Servants

In all a total of 165 men, women, and children. By the time the census was taken in 1891 the population of the Glen stood at 106. In 1991 it is likely that the number will be around 50. The clearances are by no means over and probably within another fifty years the population will almost no longer exist and the land left to the high circling of hawks and the bleating of sheep with gunfire heard in August as sportsman kill off whatever grouse are left, until they too become extinct! It will become, like so many others, a dead Glen similar to the land they gave to Cain!

Glen Lednock looking towards Comrie