Rob Roy MacGregor Campbell
The '45
Extracts of Statistics from the Annexed Estates for Western Strathearn (1755-56)
The Reports of the Annexed Estates (1755-69)
A Tour of Scotland - Observations
Seismic Activity (1789)
Account of 1791-99 vol-11 - Comrie, County of Perth
Archibald MacNab (1734-1816)
Henry Dundas (1742-1811)
Sir David Baird of Seringapatam (1757-1829)
Companion and Useful Guide to the Beauties of Scotland – Sarah Murray (1799)
Roman Camp, Dalginross – October (1800)
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Letters from the Distant Past (1831 - 1859)
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From an Unknown Guidebook-circa (1892)
Comrie (1895)
Tales of Derring Do
Soldier, Soldier, won’t you marry me wi’…
The Adventures of Paddy or Highland Peter
Ghoulie Tales
A Serious Business
Mail Order Bride
The Man with the Powerful Voice
Double Entry bookkeeping
Hey, Gie’s ma Haun…or Murder Most Foul
Kate Mackenzie's Terrible Deeds
Watty and Meg Drummond
The Fencibles
Deacon Reid
Amazing Grace
The Day of the Penny Wedding
The MacArthur's were there before the Hills
The Beggar's Badge
A Pane by any other name can be a Pain!
The Powder Keg
The Coo didnae hae ony Teeth!
The Green Lady of Glen Lednock
The Queen of Tynasithe
The Great Wall of Comrie
Whisky, You're the Devil
A Wee Rumble
A Whale of a Time
An Encounter of the Third Kind
Another Debate
Bosom Pals
Getting Stoned in Comrie
Hanging about Comrie
It's Whisky in the Jar
Picking Other Folks' Brains
Porridge for Breakfast
Tarred and Buttered
The Convert
The Debate
The Schism
The Levitation
The Twa' Brithers
There’s a Hare in my Soup
Yer bum's oot the Window

18th & 19th Century


After the closure of the distilleries a new form of social consciousness arose in the form of the Temperance Movement and many in Comrie who were very concerned about drunkenness took up the banner. They resolved to establish a Society outlawing all forms of hard liquor which included whisky, brandy, gin, rum and wines, but they made an exception for ale or beer considering it to be less harmful....however, that was soon to change.

One of their members was seen staggering about the street and when challenged said, “Its yill, lads, just yill.” Others, not yet convinced of the debilitating effects of alcohol, claimed that they had been deceived in the public house when the landlords had put whisky into their ale! It was therefore resolved that no form of alcohol would be permitted and the Royal Oak Chapter of the Good Templars was formed and regular meeting were held. Speakers of high quality from the Scottish Temperance Society were invited to address the membership and the soiree for Handsel Monday for the teetotallers was a great event. A rival Chapter was inaugurated when it was felt by some that the rules of the Royal Oak were too severe but it did not last very long. Later Band of Hope meetings and Temperance Guilds were established and did much good work especially with those who may have slipped off the wagon...but just a wee slip!

Temperance – Cast in Stone!