Rob Roy MacGregor Campbell
The '45
Extracts of Statistics from the Annexed Estates for Western Strathearn (1755-56)
The Reports of the Annexed Estates (1755-69)
A Tour of Scotland - Observations
Seismic Activity (1789)
Account of 1791-99 vol-11 - Comrie, County of Perth
Archibald MacNab (1734-1816)
Henry Dundas (1742-1811)
Sir David Baird of Seringapatam (1757-1829)
Companion and Useful Guide to the Beauties of Scotland – Sarah Murray (1799)
Roman Camp, Dalginross – October (1800)
Flash from the Caledonian Mercury – September (1814)
I've a Boat to Catch (1818)
A Picture of Strathearn - John Brown (1823)
St Fillan’s Highland Society (1827)
Letters from the Distant Past (1831 - 1859)
Comrie, St Fillans and Monivard (1837)
Statistical Account: Parish of Comrie (1838)
The Glen Lednock Census (1841)
The Queen’s Visit (1842)
The Road to Comrie (1857)
For the Sake of Nelly Fergus (1860)
From an Unknown Guidebook-circa (1892)
Comrie (1895)
Tales of Derring Do
Soldier, Soldier, won’t you marry me wi’…
The Adventures of Paddy or Highland Peter
Ghoulie Tales
A Serious Business
Mail Order Bride
The Man with the Powerful Voice
Double Entry bookkeeping
Hey, Gie’s ma Haun…or Murder Most Foul
Kate Mackenzie's Terrible Deeds
Watty and Meg Drummond
The Fencibles
Deacon Reid
Amazing Grace
The Day of the Penny Wedding
The MacArthur's were there before the Hills
The Beggar's Badge
A Pane by any other name can be a Pain!
The Powder Keg
The Coo didnae hae ony Teeth!
The Green Lady of Glen Lednock
The Queen of Tynasithe
The Great Wall of Comrie
Whisky, You're the Devil
A Wee Rumble
A Whale of a Time
An Encounter of the Third Kind
Another Debate
Bosom Pals
Getting Stoned in Comrie
Hanging about Comrie
It's Whisky in the Jar
Picking Other Folks' Brains
Porridge for Breakfast
Tarred and Buttered
The Convert
The Debate
The Schism
The Levitation
The Twa' Brithers
There’s a Hare in my Soup
Yer bum's oot the Window

18th & 19th Century

The Coo didnae hae ony Teeth!

Like everyone else Peter got up with the sun and when his wife was making breakfast he went out to feed the cow and clean out the byre. When he returned he was very agitated shouting to his wife, “We maun sell the coo, Kate.” His wife enquired, “What’s wrang wi’ the coo?” Peter replied, “The coo. The coo’s got nae front teeth in the upper jaw, and if we dinnae get quit o’ her we’ll lose on her.” Kate listened with a worried expression on her face. “I’m real vexed at that; for man, she’s doing awfu’ weel an’ I’m swert to pairt wi’ her.” Peter would have none of it and decided to put it to the highest bidder. The neighbours knew the beast well and judged her to be one of the best in the district and wondered what could be possibly wrong with it. Some offered to buy the cow from Peter and he would say that they could if they wished, “She’s there as she is, an’ if you want to buy her, let me hear your offer.”

It didn’t take too long before someone put in an offer and the money and the cow changed hands. He then took the money and went in search of a replacement beast at the Beltane market. There were a good number of cows for sale and the first thing he did was to examine their mouths and he examined most of the cows there, however, he could not find one which had teeth in its upper jaw. Earnestly discussing this problem with a friend over a dram his friend told him that “coos dinnae hae upper front teeth.” So he bought a poorer beast and returned home and created a lot of mirth in the area for weeks to come!