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18th & 19th Century

Extracts of Statistics from the Annexed Estates for Western Strathearn (1755-56)

At this sad time we are fortunate the Commissioners of the Forfeited Estates recorded also the names of the people who lived on the sequestered lands of the Earl of Perth, and this record is invaluable. Not only were the names recorded but also a listing of those under 10, between 10 and 17, and above 17 years of age, divided by sex, as well as in the following categories: number who spoke the English language, number of those who spin, their stock sub-divided into horses, black cattle, sheep, swine, goats, number of acres in tillage, number of acres in hay, pecks sown divided between flax seed and potatoes, total rent in Sterling money, including the different Articles which the rent is composed, computing the conversion in pounds, shillings and pence. It can be construed as one of the earliest censuses in Great Britain!


Wester Ardveich - Alexander McLaren, Duncan Stewart, James Stewart and three subtenants and cottars - six families.

Easter Ardveich - John McLaren, Duncan McLaren, Alexander McLaren, Patrick Ferguson - four families.

Derry-Patrick McLaren, John McLaren, Duncan McLaren and four cottars - seven families.

Wester Glentarken - Patrick Carmichael, Patrick McIntyre, Donald Ferguson, Dougal Carmichael, Donald Mclldochardich, John Mclldochardich, Duncan Drummond, Patrick Drummond, John Carmichael Donald Carmichael, Duncan Carmichael, Donald Carmichael and four cottars - sixteen families.

Easter Glentarken - Duncan McNab, Donald King, John Ferguson, Patrick McLaren, John Carmichael, Patrick Drummond, and four cottars - twelve families.

Meikle Port - Parlan McFarlane, Alexander Dochardich. Alexander Cameron, James Drummond, Duncan Ferguson, Patrick Mcllchonnell and five cottars - eleven families.

Little Port-John Mcllchonnell and one subtenant-two families.

Morrell-James Drummond’s heirs and seven cottars - eight families.

Woodend of Meovie-Duncan Comrie - one family.

Meuzie-Alexander Comrie, Duncan Drummond, Duncan McEwan, Patrick McIsack, Donald McIsack, Alexander Stewart, John Drummond, Donald McAnsh.

Smith’s Pendicle in Meuzie-Alexander Burden.

Philp’s Pendicle in Meuzie-John McNab, Margaret McLean.

Pendicle of Belna in Meuzie - Patrick Drummond and thirteen cottars - twenty four families in all.

Garrichrew - Duncan McNaughton, Hugh Drummond, Duncan Neish, John Comrie, Duncan Drummond, Patrick Forbes, James McNaughton, William Riddoch, John McNaughton and four cottars - thirteen families.

Easter and Wester Ardrostans and Kenmore-James Drummond and three cottars-three families.

Wester Dundurn-Alexander Campbell, Lodovick Drummond, Malcolm Drummond, Alexander McDougal, Patrick Drummond, Donald McNeil, John Drummond, Donald Drummond and four cottars - twelve families.

Easter Dundurn - Hugh Campbell and ten subtenants and cottars - eleven families.

Dalchonzie-Patrick Drummond and seven subtenants and cottars-eight families.

Achinner - Donald Morison, Patrick Carmichael, Malcolm Drummond, Malcolm Ferguson, Malcolm Carmichael, John McKenzie, Alexander Drummond, Patrick Comrie and one cottar - nine families.

Dalclatick - Donald McFarlane, John McKenzie, Patrick McLean, Donald McIntyre, John Forbes, Donald McLaren and four cottars - ten families.

Miln of Dalclatick-Alexander McNiven - one family.

Dalchruine-John McGrouther and four cottars - five families.

Little Mailler-John Drummond, David Drummond, Donald King, John Drummond - three families.

Maillermore and Doneira-John Drummond and fifteen subtenants and cottars-sixteen families.

Forrest of Glenartney-not inhabited - Patrick Campbell. Graseing of Ledmaskea-not inhabited-Alexander McGrouther.

Feuduties of Comrie and Mailler, Balnacouile-Patrick Drummond, James Drummond.

The following farms or farmtouns were classified as in the Parish of Strowan

Wester Culnacarrie - William McNiven, Patrick McNiven, Duncan McKeil and three cottars - six families.

Easter Culnacarrie - John McIntyre, John Carmichael and one cottar - three families.

Findoglen-John Gurner, James McInnnes, Duncan McKenzie and two cottars - five families.

Achnashelloch-William Dow - not resident and seven subtenants and cottars-seven families.



Blairnrore - John Carmichael, James McGrouther, John McNiven, Duncan McNiven, Duncan McNiven, John and Donald McKenzies, Colin Carmichael, Archibald McNiven, James McNiven and nine cottars - eighteen families.

Glasnafead-Donald McCulloch, Donald Gow, John Miller and two cottars - five families.

Culloch-John Ferguson and seven subtenants and cottars - eight families.

Cornoch-John Stewart and two cottars.

Crutack-William Gurner, John Brown and four cottars - six families.

Straid-John McGrouther and seven subtenants and cottars-seven families.

Innerclair-Duncan McGrouther’s heirs, Alexander McGrouther and twelve subtenants and cottars-thirteen families.

Craigneich-Mary Kennedy and nine cottars - ten families.

Tonrichan-James Steven, William and Donald Morison and eight cottars-eleven families.

Dalchirla-John Bouie, James Tainsh, Duncan Mallioch and seven cottars-ten families.

Tombean-John McInnes, Patrick Smeaton, Patrick Bryce and seven cottars-ten families.

Craigenchailich-John McDuff, Duncan McDuff and two cottars - four families.

Glenlichorn-James Dow, John Dow, John McArie, Donald McArie, John Riddoch and one subtenant and one cottar - sevem families.

Muir of Drummond-Thomas McDuff-one family.

Culticheldich-John Bayne, Alexander Bayne, Alexander McLeish and fourteen cottars - seventeen families.

Milne of Drummond-Elizabeth Tulloch, one subtenant and two cottars-four families.

Struthill-John Bean and twelve subtenants and cottars - thirteen families.

Chappell of Struthill-John More and one cottar-two families.

Miln of Struthill-Elizabeth Gordon and one cottar-two families.

Broadbog Pendicle-John Drummond-one family.

Walkmiln and Pendicle of Muirside-Magnus Fulton, Ann Allice-two families.

Allans-William Miller, David Tainsh and three cottars-five families.

Auchtermuthill-John Bean, Patrick Sharp, Mathew McInnes, William McInnes and twelve cottars-sixteen families.

Newraw-Edward Bayne and three cottars-four families.

Mains of Drummond-John Key and Duncan Key-two families.

Balchargie-John Morison, William Murray, Donald McQueen and six cottars-nine families.

South Ballach-Patrick Robertson, Alexander White, William Sharp, James McCurrich and five cottars-nine families.

Cult Ballach-John Mcllvride, John Miller-two families.

West Drumhead Pendicle-John Mcllvride-one family.

Brewseat of Balchargie-John McRobie and one cottar-two families.

Miln of Ballach-Patrick McInnes senior, Patrick McInnes junior and four cottars-six families.

North Ballach-Willam Bayne and two cottars-three families.

Cultwhattock-John Brydie, William Brydie and three cottars-five families.

Alichengrew-Gearge Taylor, John Sharp, Patrick Ferguson, Robert Hepburn and six cottars-ten families.

Alichmore-James McArie, Isabel McLeish and seven cottars-nine families.

Alichroy-Robert Armstrong, Jean More and one cottar-three families.

Darghill-Patrick Gray and one cottar-two families.

Findal-John Stephen-one family.

Templemiln-Alexander Miller, John Miller and one cottar- three families.

Nether Concraig-William Sharp and one subtenant and eight cottars-ten families.

Over Concraig-Thomas McCommie, Lilias Stephen and two cottars-four cottars-four families.

East Park of Drumsauchie-John Cunningham and James Cunningham-two familes.

Fintalich-John Drummond, David Dow, William Dow, Andrew McLeish and three cottars-seven families.

Kirktoun of Strathgeth-John and James Mitchels and six cottars-eight families.

Miln of Strathgeth-John Taylor-one family.

Drumquhar-John Boyd and seven cottars-eight families.

Mains of Strathgeth-John Porteous and two cottars-three families.

Cult of Strathgeth-John Sharp, Alexander Morris, Jean More and four cotters.

Auchinglen-Patrick McInnes and five cottars-six families.

Parkhead-John Morison - one family.

Ledmachony-Malcolm Duncan, Patrick McCowan, David Mitchel and four cottars-seven families.

Millness-Patrick Drummond, Harry Lawson and one cottar-three families.

Lintibbert-James Miller, John McLeish, James and William Punlers and seven cottars - eight families.

Drumlaken and Park of Drumsauchie-Duncan Drummond and seven subtenants and cottars-eight families.

A pendicle in Boreland Easter-Alexander Brydie and one cottar-two families.

A pendicle there-Mary Morison and one cottar-two families.

A pendicle there-John Gray-one family.

A pendicle there-Alexander Drummond-one family.

A pendicle there-Mathew Gray and two cottars-three families.

A pendicle there-William Gray-one family.

A pendicle there-Samuel Bayne and two cottars-three families.

A pendicle there-John Bayne-one family.

A pendicle there-John Roy-one family.

A pendicle there-Laurence Morris and one cottar-two families.

Gateside of Boreland-James McIlvride-one family.

Two pendicles there and brewseat-William Robin, James McLauchlane and three cottars-five families.

A pendicle at Wester Boreland-George Miller-one family.

A pendicle there-James Muille-one family.

A pendicle there-Duncan McAnsh and one cottar-two families.

A pendicle there-John Greig and one cottar-two families.

A pendicle there-Duncan Robertson-one family.

A pendicle there-Alexander Miller-one family.

Ladywell and Garrowlands pendicles-Hugh Campbell and two cottars.

Smith’s Pendicle at Drummond-John Leckie and two cottars-three families.

Gallowhill Pendicle-Mary Gordon-one family.

Craighead and Redley pendicles-Donald Robertson and one cottar wo families.

Craigmuik of Drummond-Duncan Stalker and one cottar - three families.

Broadfold pendicle-Lodovick Miller-one family.

Lednork pendicle-Ann White-one family.

Craigmuick of Ballach-James Stewart-one family.

Muthill-Janet Brydie, fewar and six subtenants and cottars-seven families.

Muthill-Andrew More, fewar and two tenants-three families.

Muthill-Mr. William Erskyne-one family.

Muthill-James Allice, fewar and two tenants-three families.

Muthill-John McLeish-one family.

Muthill-David Lawson, fewar.

Longside and parks about Drummond-not inhabited- obert Brydie, fewar.



Culteranich-Captain John Menzies at Fearntower and two cottars-three families.

Tomeknock-John Campbell and one cottar-two families.

Forr-John Stephen and three subtenants and cottars-four families.

Milnab and Cultcrieff-John Caw and fourtenn millers and cottars -15 families.

Broughty-Andrew Bayne and one cottar-two families.

Tofts Pendicle-Patrick McLaren-one family.

Town of Crieff, possessors of crofts, fewars, and their tenants-James Clephane, vintner-one family.

David Lindsay-surgeon-one family.

Alexander Taitt-surgeon-one family.

Duncan McLeish-carrier-one family.

David Peat-baxter-one family.

John Mcllvride-taylor-one family.

William Sharp- merchant-one family.

William Miller-brewer-one family.

Andrew Miller-brewer-one family.

James Cock-merchant ne family.

Colin McLaren-gardiner-one family.

David Glass and one cottar-two families.

Janet Glass-one family.

Isobel Mcllvride-one family.

John Glass, fewar and eleven tenants-twelve families.

Patrick Walker, fewar and three tenants-four families.

John Caw in Edinburgh and two tenants-two families.

James Halley, fewar and one tenant-two families.

John Wodderspoon in Abercairnie and five tenants-six families.

David Wodderspoon, fewar and four tenants-five families.

David McEwan, fewar and eight tenants-nine families.

Hector Monroe, fewar and two tenants-three families.

Duncan Robertson, fewar and four tenants-five families.

James Gloag, fewar and four tenants-five families.

David Thomson, workman, fewar and three tenants-four families.

David Thomson, writer, fewar-one family.

Patrick Rogie, fewar and one tenant-two families.

John Hepburn, fewar and four families-five families.

Alexander Caw’s heirs, fewar and four tenants-four families.

Alexander Gentle, junior, fewar-one family.

Edward Brough, fewar and three tenants-three families.

Alexander McIlvride, fewar and one tenant-two families.

John Taylor senior, fewar and one tenant-two families.

John Taylor junior, fewar and one tenant.

John White, fewar and eleven tenants-eleven families.

Andrew McIntyre’s heirs, fewar, one family.

John McAnsh, fewar and three tenants-four families.

Alexander Gentle senior, fewar and four tenants-five families.

John Wright, smith, fewar-one family.

John Clement’s heirs, fewar and one tenant-one family.

Thomas Richard, fewar and one tenant-two families.

John Caw in Edinburgh’s heirs and one tenant-one family.

David Couper, fewar and fourteen tenants-fifteen families.

Patrick and James Baynes, fewars and ten tenants-ten families.

John Campbell of Barcaldine, fewar and five tenants-five families.

Alexander McLaren of Duchlage, fewar and thirty one tenants-thirty one families.

Alexander McQuen, crofter Drummond of Broich, fewar- one family.

Add to this all those people in other areas under control of the Earl such as the barony of Lix, the barony of Ballquhidder, the barony of Auchterarder, the barony of Kinbuck, the barony of Callendar, the barony of Strathgartney and the barony of Stobhall - all lying outwith our story, and it is evident that the Earl held sway over thousands of honest, hard working folk. All were beholden to the noble Earl for their liveliehood, income, security, prospects et al. If the noble Earl had wished it in years gone past he could have hanged them, banished or evicted them, branded them and made them fight and die for him. It is also evident that there were some considerably high costs related to being a tenant of the said noble Earl. This configuration was, of course, similar to all the belted Earls, landed gentry and estate owners in Scotland and most of Great Britain and, strange to say, many of its facets continues to this day! In our story of Strathearn we will come across some of the descendants of the aforementioned people as our story unfolds.

Note: The First Statistical Account of Scotland - Parish of Comrie – County of Perth-Presbytery of Auchterarder - Synod of Perth and Stirling, drawn up by the Rev. Mr. Colin Baxter, Minister of Monivard. From materials chiefly collected by the Rev. Mr. Hugh McDiarmed, Minister of Comrie, 1795. Page images © the University of Glasgow -"> and the University of Edinburgh"> and">

The Second Statistical Account of Scotland - Parish of Comrie – the Presbytery of Auchterarder, Synod of Perth and Kinross. The Rev. William Mackenzie, Minister, 1838. Page images © the University of Glasgow -"> and the University of Edinburgh-"> and">

The Reports of the Annexed Estates (1755-1756) and Extracts of Statistics from the Annexed Estates of Perth for Western Strathearn (1755-1756). Club: Scottish Record Office Published: Edinburgh, 1973. Details: From the records of the Forfeited Estates preserved in the Scottish Record Office Editor: Edited by Virginia Wills. Contents: Reports by factors, 1755-6, and by Archibald Menzies, the general inspector, 1765-9.