Comrie to Crieff - The South Road

We have however to return again to the junction in Dalginross in Comrie and consider the old south-east road to Crieff which starts at one end of the Roman camp.

Close by the roadside is a circle of stones. They may be ancient and placed there by long lost peoples for some significant event such as a meeting place, or possibly in more recent times been dragged there from nearby fields to allow for cultivation under the plough. It is a mystery.

The road, to a large extent parallels the course of the River Earn passing by Muirend (its curling pond is located behind a deer fence), Fairness, Drummondearnoch (ridge of the Earn or Drummond of Ireland), Lennoch (meadow, luxuriant grass) and Strowan (St. Rowan)

Old Bridge over the River Earn at Strowan

On the knoll to the north can be seen the obelisk dedicated to Sir David Baird of Seringapatam on Tom a’ Chasteil (castle hill) at Strowan, This was erected by his wife, Ann Preston-Campbell, after his demise. Of her he once said, “I can command 10,000 men, but not one woman!” He was second in command at the great fighting retreat at Corunna during the Peninsular War. Shortly before Sir John Moore was killed, Baird was shot in the arm which was later amputated on board a British ship, lying offshore.

He moved, upon his retirement, to Strathearn and purchased the Trowan Estate.

Sir David Baird


Sir David Baird discovering the body of Tipu Sultan after the Battle of Seringapatam in 1799

Here it is joined by the beautiful small road from Glentarf (of a bull). In springtime, around Glascorrie in this lovely little glen, the displays of superb snowdrops and primroses are a joy to behold. There is a beautiful tiny hum-backed bridge here and I am sure there is a troll who lives under it! At Lochlane, in the summer, stop for a moment and gaze on the vista of Highland Strathearn, Tom a’ Chasteil with the Grampians as a backdrop and the western distant Aberuchill Mountains. It is a panorama with dazzling colour. Then about turn, and see in the distance the town of Crieff with its beautiful setting, as we enter it at the Brigend.

The Brigend at Crieff

Lochearnhead to Crieff